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There is no quicker more accurate way of functionally testing athletes today than the 3PQ. The 3PQ acronym stands for Plyo Press Power Quotient. The design of the 3PQ allows trainers to measure an athlete’s lower extremity power accurately and reliably in a controlled jumping environment, which is more specific to a wide variety of sports than the current gold standard Wingate Cycle test.

The Plyo Press is an effective sport-specific training device in that the muscle activity patterns observed while performing jumps on the Plyo Press are very similar to performing an actual vertical jump. A main feature of the 3PQ is that the power data taken during the jump test is collected over the Internet in real-time and stored directly in the Athletic Republic Athlete Information Management System (AIMS). AIMS allows athletes and coaches to easily access their scores from anywhere and compare them to athletes worldwide.

3PQ is designed to provide advantages such as:

Sport-specific measurement of power in a safe environment

Extremely good day to day reliability of the testing

Secure transmission of the data over the Internet directly from the 3PQ to AIMS

Three dimensional measurement of force – giving the true force vector applied by athletes during the test

Coaches, athletes, and parents can view their 3PQ scores via the net with a new graphics interface in the reporting system.