Baseball and Softball

Players need acceleration and speed to:

  • Beat out the throw to first
  • Make it to 2nd or 3rd base
  • Steel a base
  • Get to the ball and throw to your teammates for the out!

 This is our proprietary tool to develop your acceleration and speed. Research has shown 20% to 30% more recruitment of the muscles responsible to for acceleration and speed compared to level ground workouts. Our RTM’s have a speed capability of 28 mph and up to 40% incline. The trainer determines the speed, incline, and time of each sprint to achieve the intensity appropriate to the athlete’s ability necessary to recruit the motor unit to fire the fast twitch muscle fibers in your lower extremity. 

The one hour workout will begin with low intensity to work on teaching correct sprint mechanics and progress to a higher level of intensity appropriate to the athlete’s age and ability. Each subsequent session will increase the intensity so that the athlete can generate more force to the ground and then increase their stride length. Speed equals stride length times stride frequency. Stride frequency is increased by developing the hip flexor muscles that accelerate your thigh forward for the next stride. 

Special exercises are performed in our proprietary pro hip machine and plyometric platform to develop all the muscles in the hip girdle are to enhance multidirectional movement quickness. 


Hip Flexion– develop hip flexion power for improved stride frequency

Hip Extension– Develop propulsion force/ power to the ground for acceleration and speed.

Hip Adduction/Abduction– Develop lateral movement power for quickness

Multidirectional agility, Quickness, balance, body control. Build strength and power in calf muscles, hip extension, and quads for acceleration and speed. Also special exercises to develop hip flexor strength and power for increased stride frequency (i.e. Speed).


Our plyopress develops explosive power in the lower extremity muscles for quick starts and acceleration so you can get to the ball or get to the base faster. 


We offer specialized training for your throwing velocity/ distance, improving your consistency of release velocity, and accuracy. We use our patented / proprietary throwing cord to train your throwing muscles to develop higher velocities of +4 to 8mph (Dependent on age and ability).

Training includes strengthening the muscles of the shoulder and back that have to decelerate your arm after ball release, and hence build stamina of these muscles to reduce the risk of injury to your throwing muscles.


We use our patented / proprietary power cords, hitting harness, and hitting platform to develop your lower extremity muscle power to generate higher bat speed by increasing the angular acceleration of your body about your vertical axis resulting in higher bat speed.