In the game of basketball; speed, power, vertical, quickness, change of direction, stamina and control are essential components for gaining an edge over your competitors. Developing those components of athleticism has been our mission since 1994, with outstanding results. We have helped numerous basketball athletes achieve their goals increase their confidence and receive recognition such as: increased playing time; becoming a starter; winning a championship, becoming the leading scorer; receiving a college scholarship.


Injury prevention is another objective of our training. Non-contact ACL tears are a common injury for basketball players. They are particularly common for females who are 4 to 6 times more likely to experience a tear than their male counterparts. Proper strengthening of the lower extremity musculature with our Acceleration training program has been shown to reduce injury rates significantly (more than a factor of 2) versus conventional pre-season team training.

Speed: forward, backward, lateral

A key component of our training programs is our proprietary Super Treadmill that goes to 28 mph and 40% grade. This specialized equipment allows us to train for fast break acceleration and maximize sprint speed but also backward sprint ability and lateral (defensive slide) quickness! One on One instruction ensures learning the correct biomechanics for each of these movements.

Most athletes can expect to reduce their forty time .2 sec and increase maximum sprint speed 2 to 3 mph. We know speed is important but how significant is an increase in maximum sprint speed of 2mph? Very important! In a 3 sec. sprint the 2mph faster athlete would achieve a separation of 8 to 10 ft over the slower athlete.Now that’s an unfair advantage!

Jumping / Explosiveness

We incorporate a proprietary jump protocol using our unique plyo press equipment to achieve significant improvements in jump height (2 to 5 inches) in 6 to 8 weeks.  But we also train your muscles eccentrically for deceleration and quick change of direction.

Our proprietary equipment allows us to correct any right to left leg deficiencies and improve your lower extremity power and rate of power development for jumping and acceleration and deceleration by 20-50%.


Equally important is the ability to maintain your speed and quickness for the entire game. The Super Treadmill provides an optimum training environment to stress and develop the body’s anaerobic energy systems. Our research based protocols result in major improvements in anaerobic power and stamina to maintain top performance in that all important fourth quarter.


The ability to move multi- directionally, quickly, with balance and coordination is a key parameter to creating separation between you and your opponent. Our special plyometric and core strength programs improve your ability to change direction rapidly with control. Typical improvements are 20% to 40% in multi-directional movement drills.

Shooting, Passing, Dribbling

Finally a science based method to significantly improve your shooting range and percentage in 6 weeks (Two sessions/week). Train with our patented power cords and unique training protocol to improve your shooting range up to 6ft. andpercentage up to 25%.