Digital Video Analysis

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One of our goals at Acceleration Indiana is “continuous improvement” of the communication and learning process between the athlete and the trainer. By combining digital video and powerful video analysis software from Dartfish (as seen in the Summer Olymipics) we are able to offer two very important and unique services:

Pre Test Video Analysis – To provide the athlete feedback on areas needing improvement.

Pre and Post Test Video Comparison – To provide side-by-side comparison of imrovement in form, quickness, and speed.

Pre Test Analysis CDThis new technology provides enhanced communication between the trainer and the athlete to facilitate the improvement process. What seems to be simple athletic movements are frequently complex multi-limb movements and coordination strategies that are more easily learned and improved with the combination of visual and trainer input. At the start of your program, a visual and verbal analysis of pre-test performances is an available option. This CD includes a combination of video and still images showing the limb position and joint angles that need to be worked on to improve form, speed, quickness, and energy expenditure.

Pre and Post Test Comparison CDOur new technology allows direct side-by-side comparisons of the athlete’s running mechanics from the pre test versus the post test, showing significant improvement in form (biomechanics) resulting from Acceleration training. Agility (plyometric) comparisons are also provided, showing the athlete’s improvement in form, balance, coordination, and quickness.