Endurance and Adult/Adventure Sports

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Running Trail Events
Mini Mountain Hiking
Marathon Climbing
Triathlon Trail Running/Races
Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding

What’s your plan?

Come in and talk to us about your interest and goals. We’ll design a training program to help you achieve those goals. You can also check out proprietary equipment and science based training methods. 

Training Elements:

  • Super Treadmill: Running events/Conditioning/ Skiing:

Capable of 28mph and 40% grade elevation. Develops lower extremity power for hill work and aerobic and anaerobic conditioning for stamina and your event as needed. 

Backpedal protocol to get you in condition for downhill skiing and developing quads, hips, and hamstrings for knee flexion and stamina to enjoy a full day on the slopes. 

  •   Plyometrics:

Develops lower extremity strength, power, balance, body control, and stamina. Great training for trail hiking/running on uneven surfaces to strengthen ankle stability.

  • Plyo Press:

Develop leg power for running, hiking, and skiing. Do both double leg and single leg exercises safely. Load on lower back is reduced 80% compared to doing a squat lift. We can also test your left and right leg capabilities by measuring forces, power and RPD (rate of power development) to determine if you have significant variances from left to right, that will affect your running strides, acceleration and speed. We then adjust your training program to reduce your left to right variance. 

  • Pro Multi Hip:

Strength training for hip extension, hip flexion, hip adduction, hip abduction. Highly recommended for many of these adventure activities.

Mountain Hiking: A couple in the sixties were going to Africa for a special vacation and one item on their bucket list was to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro. “Thank you for helping us reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro” “We loved working with you!” “God bless”. 

Distance Running- David Nelson, Acceleration Indiana Owner and VP. “My wife Julie loves running long distance and has done numerous marathons, from Boston to Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Alaska, Wyoming, Indy, and other.” She has done many sessions on the Super Treadmill and other equipment to get in shape, stay in shape and improve her times.” Come in for an introduction and learn how to improve your running speed and stamina to conqueror the hills of Boston, Wyoming, Alaska or wherever. 

David Nelson

Mountain Trail Running Competition: Matt Jordan, endurance athlete and Acceleration Indiana customer. Congratulations Matt on winning the 56 mile Birmingham Mountain Stage race in September 2017. Elevation gain was 15,000 to 18,000 feet over 3 days. Day one was 98 degrees with 2 ten mile loups. Matt was ahead by 1 minute. Day 2 Matt was 2nd place but still in the overall lead. Day 3 Matt was in 4th place for the day but 15 minutes ahead of 2nd place for the overall win. 

Matt is the cross country coach at Bathesda Christian School in Brownsburg. Matt has been a racer most of his life and has completed over 1000 races including running, biking, canoeing, kayaking, adventure races, orienteering, and stair climbing races. Great job Matt, maybe we shouldn’t say “he loves it” but he appreciates the benefit of Acceleration Indiana Training.

Matt Jordan

Upland Game Hunting: Gary Nelson, Owner of Acceleration Indiana. I love to go back to North Dakota, where I was born and raised, in the fall for bird hunting, both upland game and pheasant hunting. This frequently involves a lot of walking up and down hills, through high grass. That means you need to exercise the hip flexors ahead of time or you won’t last the whole day. We typically cover 8-12 miles in a day to get our limit of 3 birds. They are great for eating. Some days we have our limit in 2 hours. A lot depends on weather and bird population which can vary a lot from one area to the next. October weather can be hard to predict. Sunny and mild temperatures to snow and wind. On a sunny day the deep blue sky and fall colors are most enjoyable. I do a special workout 2 times a week starting about 4 weeks before leaving for hunting. This effort makes all the difference for an enjoyable hurt without fatigue. 

Gary Nelson

Downhill Skiing: If you enjoy snow skiing we have a very effective conditioning program to get you ready for the slopes. This is another recommendation from Gary and Dave, two sessions a week for three weeks makes a huge difference in enjoying downhill skiing. Conditioning the legs for power and balance with 40 degrees to 70 degrees knee flexion, this helps with lateral movement and control and metabolic conditioning to enjoy a full day on the slopes. 

SUCCESS and ENJOYMENT in your event

It’s all about PREPARATION and EFFORT

Call us or come in to check out our facility, our specialized equipment, out science based training protocols, and our experienced trainers. Let us know your interests, time constraints and we’ll recommend a program to help you achieve your goals. We will also suggest a one on one introduction so you can experience out training methods for your event.