Football Players from Youth to Professional

They have benefited from our science based programs. Over 30 years of research and development in biomechanics, exercise physiology, unique training protocols (over 2000) and proprietary training equipment (6 patents), back up our programs. We have the tools and professional staff to help you become the best you can be.

Blitz the Competition

  • Building 40 yard dash speed
  • Quickness off the line 
  • Power to drive through the line
  • Explosiveness to out maneuver your opponents 
  • Stamina to maintain your speed + quickness for the entire game
  • Agility to make the opponents miss
  • Sport specific abilities like throwing and kicking 
  • Start your program any week 
  • Each program is tailored to the age and ability of the athlete 
  • Training is one on one

Train Like a Pro

One of our early athletes was Mike Alstott, who came to us right after his record setting year (yards rushing) at Purdue University. He said that he wanted to get quicker and faster in preparation for the NFL combine in Indy, to enhance his chances of going higher in the draft. His goal was to be drafted in the second round but to achieve that he had to improve his 40 yard dash or likely go in the third round. Mike went through our pro-football program, which combined with his outstanding work ethic, produced the results that he was looking for, as he went second in the second round. The Indy Star had this to say, “Mike Alstott’s stock is rising faster than the stock market, when he ran a 4.64 in the forty.” Expectation had been that he would run in the high 4.8s. Mike also achieved a maximum sprint speed of 22 mph which is impressive for a 265lb fullback. Mike went on to have an outstanding career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, winning the super bowl and also playing a number of great years under Tony Dungy before finally retiring.

Acceleration Indiana has trained NFL players from the  following teams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts
Seattle Seahawks

New York Jets
Baltimore Ravens
San Diego Chargers
Miami Dolphins


You’ll train on our Super Treadmill under conditions tailored to your age and ability. The maximum speed on our Super Treadmill is 28 mph and maximum elevation of 40% grade. One of our trainers will stand beside you for each sprint while giving you instruction on improving your sprinting mechanics and spotting you for safety on said runs. Each session on the Super Treadmill includes a series of sprints at various elevations and speeds designed to develop more power in the lower extremity muscles. These training protocols result in velocity specific strength gains that generate more force to the ground for greater acceleration and speed. Most athletes can expect to reduce their forty time 0.2 sec. The range of our improvements have been as great as 0.8 sec. Maximum sprint speed is also an important metric and Mike Alstott achieved 22 mph.

Note: For more information, visit our Speed Development page.


Every player desires to be more explosive off the line or in their first three or four strides. We incorporate special explosive training elements to ensure you are quicker. Athletes may be able to leg press close to the same on each leg but when tested at speed, the difference in power and rate of power development can be significant and limit the athlete’s ability to perform on the field. Our proprietary equipment (plyo press) allows us to tailor our program to your individual needs, and do it safely. The plyo press is designed to reduce the load on the lower back up to 80% compared to doing a squat with the same weight. And you can do explosive jumps safely. Maximum positive leg power achieved for high school and college players averages +46% and maximum eccentric power (ability to decelerate) is +62% giving you the ability to increase separation from your opponent with quicker starts, stops, and direction changes.

The ability to move multi-directionally, quickly, with balance and coordination is a key parameter to creating separation between you and your opponent. Our special plyometric, plyo press, and core strength programs improve your ability to change direction rapidly with control. Typical improvements are 20% to 40% in multi-directional movement drills.

Passing, Punting, Kicking

We also offer programs to improve your throwing and kicking distances. You will train with our patented cords that allow us to load your muscles at game type velocities to improve your release velocity (4 to 8 mph), increase your distance (8 to 15 yds), and improve your accuracy.

Program Options

All program training begin with 15 minutes of active dynamic warmup before your 1 hour sessions

  • Youth player – 12 to 18 sessions
  • Jr High Player – 18 to 24 sessions
  • H.S. and College – 24 or more sessions (1 hour or 1 ½ hours)
  • Pros – Specific to their needs
  • Introduction session 1 hour + 15 min active dynamic warmup. Price $30.00

Throwing + kicking with our patented power cords add ½ hour + $15.00


  • Start your program any week. Schedule days and times that fit your schedule
  • Hours: Monday through Thursday Summer 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM School year 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM Fridays close at 6:00 pm Saturdays 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM closed Sundays
  • Group and team training options – discuss with our staff

Pricing Information

Call or email: 317-842-2702

Email info@accelerationindiana.com

Train with our proprietary equipment + research-developed protocols

that deliver real results and make us the industry leader. The Athletic Republic network has trained hundreds of NFL players including 7 Heisman Trophy Finalists.

Super Treadmill

This awesome tool is the latest development in exercise science resulting in more effective development of acceleration and speed for on field performance. Research has shown 200 – 300% more recruitment of the muscles responsible for acceleration and speed compared to level ground workouts. Our Super Treadmill has speed capabilities of 28 mph and elevation capabilities up to 40% grade. Inclined sprinting helps athletes learn to develop forceful knee drive, proper pelvic position, and full extension with every stride. One on one training and spotting allows us to safely push athletes beyond their ground-based training limits.


Max sprint speed, Cheetah Club, and other speed records

25.5 MPH – NFL Receiver

23.7 MPH – High School Receiver (Age 16)

Male Athletes that achieve 20 mph or greater for 6 seconds, become a member of our Cheetah Club in recognition of their speed accomplishment.

Age % Athletes Exceeding 20mph Youth
18 84% 14 24.7% exceed 19 mph
16 38.7% 12 26.4% exceed 16.5 mph
15 25.4% 9 21.8% exceed 14.0 mph

Acceleration Times (electronic timed)

40 yd sprint time in seconds Pre test (sec)

Post test (sec)

Improvement (sec)

Max Sprint Speed (mph)


NFL Fullback









HS FB Players

Pre Test Range

4.87 to 6.71 


Post Test Range

4.47 to 6.61

Improvement Range

-.10 to -.60

Max Sprint Speed(mph)

18.5 to 23.0

12 yr old FB Players 6.17 to 6.98


5.95 to 6.49

-.21 to -.49

14.5 to 17.0

Return to Play

Example 15 yr old, 194 lb football player, returning to play from a left leg injury. Athlete had been cleared by doctor to start training for his sport. Leg press results showed left leg stregth within 10% of right leg strength.

Plyo Press + 3PQ Diagnostic Results:

To design this athlete’s workout program we first had to pre-test his left and right legs to determine, not only leg press force, but also leg power, and rate of power development which are important metrix for athlete movement on the field.

Pre-test Diagnostics

Leg Power

Rate of Power Development (RPD)

Right Leg

1644 watts

5000 watts/sec

Left Leg (injured)

1389 watts

2800 watts/sec

Left vs Right

-15% Deficit

-44% Deficit

Post-Test* Leg Power % Improvement RPD (Average) % Improvement
Right Leg 2203 watts +33% 12,000 w/sec +140%
Left Leg 2231 watts +60% 11,000 w/sec +290%
Left vs Right Essentially equal power left to right legs -8%

*After 8 week Training Program of 24 Sessions.



 A.I. training programs increased lower extremity power and RPD for both legs and effectively eliminated the previous left to right leg deficits so the athlete could return to play safely and with improved performance.

 Plyo Press + 3PQ 

Pro Implosion

Our Pro Implosion equipment builds upper body strength and power to help linemen perform more effectively. What’s unique is the machine’s ability to adjust and perform explosive chest press exercises in 10 degree increments from normal bench press to overhead press. This machine came about when Tim Krumrie, all pro nose tackle with the Cincinnati Bengals was training with John Frappier’s Acceleration Program to get back in shape after breaking his leg in the Super Bowl. With the Acceleration training program he got back to the Bengals with significant improvement in his 40 yd time and explosiveness off the line. While working with John, Tim said, “I need a better way to train my upper body power to improve my performance as a lineman.” Together they came up with the concept of the Pro Implosion. FB players, come in for an introduction and see how you can develop explosive upper body power.

Success in Sports

Its’ all about preparation!
 and effort!

Including performance training to enhance your movement skills, stamina, and commitment to help your team win!