Football players from youth to the professional have benefited from our science based programs. Over 20 years of research and development in biomechanics, exercise physiology, unique training protocols (over 2000) and proprietary training equipment (6 patents), back up our programs. We have the tools and professional staff to help you become the best that you can be.

Train like a Pro

One of our early athletes was Mike Alstott, who came to us right after his record setting year (yards rushing) at Purdue University. He said that he wanted to get quicker and faster in preparation for the NFL combine in Indy, to enhance his chances of going higher in the draft.  His goal was to be drafted in the second round but to achieve that he had to improve his 40 yard time or likely go in the third round. Mike went through our pro-football program, which combined with his outstanding work ethic, produced the results that he was looking for, as he went second in the second round. The Indy Star had this to say, Mike Alstott’s stock is rising faster than the stock market, when he ran a 4.64 in the forty. Expectation had been that he would run in the high 4.8s. Mike went on to have an outstanding career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, winning the Super Bowl also playing a number of great years underTony Dungy, and finally retired.


Each session on the Super Treadmill includes a series of sprints at various elevations and speeds designed to develop more power in the lower extremity muscles. These training protocols result in velocity specific strength gains that generate more force to the ground for greater acceleration and speed. Most athletes can expect to reduce their forty time 0.2 sec.


Every player desires to be more explosive off the line or in their first three or four strides. We incorporate special explosive training elements to ensure you are quicker. Athletes may be able to leg press close to the same on each leg but when tested at speed, the difference in power and rate of power development can be significant and limit the athlete’s ability to perform on the field. Our proprietary equipment allows us to tailor our program to your individual needs.


The ability to move multi- directionally, quickly, with balance and coordination is a key parameter to creating separation between you and your opponent. Our special plyometric and core strength programs improve your ability to change direction rapidly with control. Typical improvements are 20% to 40% in multi-directional movement drills.

Passing, Punting, Kicking

We also offer programs to improve your throwing and kicking distances. You will train with our patented cords that allow us to load your muscles at game type velocities to improve your velocity (4 to 8 mph), distance (8 to 15 yds) and accuracy.