Golf is a lifetime sport or activity and Acceleration Indiana’s Golf Training Program is ideal for helping golfers of all levels and ages improve their game. Whether you are a beginner with a desire to learn about the basic elements of the golf swing, a recreational player simply looking to improve your game, or an elite golfer wanting to maximize your potential, you will benefit from participating in the Acceleration Indiana Golf Program. Golfers participating in our program will train with Athletic Republic sports training technology, the most advanced available today. Young beginners to scratch golfers have used this program to realize impressive improvements in their golf game. The The Golf Program incorporates core strengthening and flexibility to improve the power and consistency of your swing to help take your game to the next level.

The Golf Program is designed to improve:

  • Balance, coordination, and flexibility

  • Hip rotation

  • Club head speed

  • Strength and power of the legs, hips, and trunk

  • Consistency in your swing

Acceleration Indiana Golf Program Components

Resistance Cord Training – Our patented PowerCord and Hitting Harness isolate specific muscles for sport-specific movements like proper hip rotation during club swing. They do not throw off your swing or form, but are used to assist and improve your POWER!

Strength Training – Through the use of specifically designed weight equipment and an individual program, golf athletes will develop and increase their strength base in their core, hips, and legs.

Balance – Specific exercises will help improve your balance, allowing for a more fluid and powerful swing.

Flexibility – The key to playing better…longer. All sessions include exercises to increase flexibility for optimum performance.