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Ice Skating is the foundation of playing ice hockey. If you do not have the proper ice skating mechanics, explosive speed, quickness, and balance, you’re missing out out on the opportunity to out maneuver your competitors on the ice.

Acceleration Indiana’s Hockey Program is an innovative, scientifically designed, training program that utilizes the only hockey treadmill in the world where hockey athletes from youth to professional can train specifically how they play the game and use their own equipment – including skates!

Made of our patented and specially lubricated, ice-like surface, the Hockey Treadmill tilts from 0- to a 32-percent grade and can operate at speeds over 16 miles per hour, creating a perfect environment to improve your skating and efficiency. After just one Acceleration Hockey Training program, our athletes enhance their break away speed, develop quicker cuts, improve power in the first three steps and gain conditioning.

In addition to the use of the hockey treadmill, the hockey training program consists of:

Plyometrics – Designed to develop quickness, agility, balance, and stamina – tailored to each player’s needs.

Strength training (optional) – Designed specifically for each player to match the needs of the age and position.

With the use of the hockey treadmill, our staff can analyze skater’s mechanics and correct flaws. Other unique advantages include:

Inclined skating to develop awesome leg and hip power

Improved stride length and frequency

Increased acceleration

Dynamic sprint speed improvement

Greatly improved stamina for 3rd period performance

We begin by pre testing you to baseline your general athletic ability for quickness, foot speed, agility, jump height, strength, and flexibility. We also baseline your hockey specific abilities in terms of stride length, skating mechanics, anaerobic power and anaerobic stamina. Each training session begins with an active dynamic warm-up procedure to get your body ready for workouts. Programs take six to eight weeks. Sessions are typically one hour and fifteen minutes, two to three times per week.

Mite Introduction Program – 6 sessions (1-2/week)

Mite Full Program – 12 sessions (2/week)

Squirt/Pee Wee/Bantam Acceleration Program – 18 sessions

Bantam/High School Hockey Acceleration Program – (Level 1) – 20 sessions

Elite H.S./College Hockey Acceleration Program – (Levels 2-5) – 20 sessions

Goalie Programs – 18-20 sessions

Pro – Call us so we can discuss a program specific to your needs

Optional Programs may be scheduled concurrent with above programs or seperately.

Acceleration Indiana Hockey Skills Programs

Each program takes 6 weeks.

12 sessions, 2 per week, .5 hour each each session.

Shooting Programs: For all ages. For the young hockey player, we begin with teaching the proper shooting mechanics for the wrist shot. This is the shot that scores the most goals in hockey and the one in which you should first develop the most proficiency. Programs are also available for the snap and slap shot. We then incorporate our patented PowerCord to increase your quickness and shooting velocity 4 to 10 mph.

Puck Handling Program: The only scientific approach to learning the skill of puck handling. Training sessions are off ice and could include the use of our patented PowerCord. We will teach you the proper use of top hand, bottom hand, arms, and feet. You will learn ‘inside’ moves and ‘outside’ moves, increase your quickness and develop your muscle memory for increased consistency. You will be given weekly homework assignments to practice at home or on the ice.

Goalie Skill Program: Instruction on the proper use and movement of your glove and blocker arms. Training sessions will incorporate the use of our patented PowerCord to improve your arm movement quickness and hand-eye coordination.Programs also available for Goalie Stick Handling and Lower Extremity Quickness and Balance. Our goalie programs are under the direction of David Nelson. Dave is a former Indiana youth hockey player, Culver A Team goalie, collegiate hockey player in Minnesota for Concordia College, and was the National Champion goalie in Roller Hockey. David plays adult level hockey and coaches youth and high school teams as either head coach or goalie coach. His coaching record includes 5 State Championships.