Acceleration Indiana

Performance Sports Training; Speed, Quickness, Agility, Stamina, Sport Skill Training: Throwing, Hitting, Shooting, Kicking, and More

Who We Are:

  • Central Indiana’s leading organization in Performance Sports Training for ages 6 to 80.
  • In business since 1993.
  • Science based program based on 20+ years of R&D in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and physics.
  • Several patents & proprietary training protocols and equipment including an emphasis on injury prevention
  • Individualized programs, tailored to age, ability, sport & needs of the athlete.
  • One-On-One Training.
  • Databased approach. All athletes pretested to define program needs and post tested to show performance improvement.
  • We offer training for over 30 different sports.
  • We are part of the Athletic Republic performance sports training network with approximately 90+ sites in the US, Canada, and some foreign countries.
  • At the corporate level we have on-going research to ensure continuous improvement in developing performance sports training methods and equipment.
  • Through this network we have access to many highly qualified sports scientists, to provide input on athletes with special issues.

Our Staff: 

Professionals who are degreed (BS/MS) in Exercise Science/Physiology, Sports Studies, Athletic Training, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, and coaching/playing experience in various sports at the youth to collegiate level.


  • North East Indy – Near I-69 & 96th Street
  • Hours (typical) 9:00am to 8:00pm on week days, 9:00am to 1:00pm Saturday, flexible scheduling. 
  • Our equipment is specially designed for our Acceleration Training Programs with a special emphasis on training safety.

Super Treadmills, Hockey Treadmill, Plyo Platforms, Plyo Press, 3PQ, Pro Hip Machine, Pro Implosion Machine, Sport Cords for throwing, hitting, shooting, kicking, etc…


  • Multiple Program Options – Tailored to your performance needs, time constraints, and budget options.
  • Form Improvement – We specialize in teaching proper sprinting, running, or skating mechanics.
  • Performance Improvement – SQA (speed, quickness, agility) training to improve your acceleration, speed, and mobility on the court, turf, or ice. We specialize in Speed Development
  • Sport Skill Improvement – We offer proprietary training methods and equipment to improve your throwing, hitting, shooting, kicking, or any high velocity movement of your arms or legs for your specific sport
  • Stamina Improvement – Anaerobic or Aerobic stamina improvement so you can outlast your opponent and finish strong
  • Results – Many local personal bests, state individual and team champions, and national champions. Sprint Speed Records: Male – 25.5 mph (Aaron Bailey, Colts), Female – 22.0 mph (Candace McGrone, NCAA 100m Sprint National Champion)
  • Strength Training – Tailored to your sport or general fitness program
  • Endurance Training – For marathons, Iron Man, or general fitness improvement/maintenance.

Contact us to discuss your needs for individuals, small group, team training, coach’s clinics, and/or nutrition guidelines. We can also provide educational topics such as the physics of athletic movement including the mechanics of motion (Newtonian mechanics), thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, etc. to provide linkage between athletic activities and the science that applies. 

Contact Info:   phone 317-842-2702 | email gary@accelerationindiana.com

Introduction to Acceleration Training – Options

  • Individual one hour or 1.5 hour introduction to performance improvement for your sport 

1 hour $30.00
1.5 hour $45.00

  • Group introduction – small group of 4 up to teams of 20 athletes. Talk to us regarding your needs and we’ll develop a pricing proposal.
  • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Pretest of individual or teams to aid in team placement 
    • Screening of female athletes for risk of non-contact ACL tear
    • Risk reduction program for those at high risk
    • Return to play programs to bridge the gap between (injury, operation, physical therapy) and returning to practice and play with your team.