Introduction Session

If you are new to Acceleration Indiana your first step may be to schedule an introduction so you can experience our science based training methods for your sport. Simply call or send a book now email and we will respond and schedule a time for your intro experience. 

Key characteristics of our programs are:

  1. Performance development for your sport
  2. Tailored to your needs, age, ability, and position
  3. One on one training methods
  4. Wellness and injury prevention

Introduction sessions last for one hour. You will begin with an active dynamic warmup and then experience one hour of our training methods for speed, quickness, agility, strength, power, and stamina. At the completion of your intro your trainer will provide a verbal assessment of your athletic ability and recommend the program that would best fit your capability and needs.  

The price for an introduction is $30

You may also add an additional half hour for exposure to our patented/ proprietary sport cords for training any high velocity movement of your arms or legs such as throwing, hitting, shooting, kicking for your sport.

Price is an additional $15.