We’ve developed a unique program to specifically train lacrosse players to improve their acceleration, agility, and power so they can become not just better, but better lacrosse athletes.


 At any age, at any level, lacrosse is a physically and intellectually demanding sport. By focusing on acceleration, agility, and power we can give every defensemen, midfielder, attacker, and goalkeeper the tools to be more successful on game day.

Acceleration: Every lacrosse game is made up of hundreds of short bursts of speed. Success is often defined by an athlete’s ability to increase or decrease speed in just a few steps. Train one on one with our degreed certified trainers on our Super Treadmill. Research has shown this training results in 200 – 300% more recruitment of the muscles responsible for acceleration and speed compared to level ground workouts. 

Agility: Balance, coordination and stability are essential for nearly every movement with or without the ball. A complete player must be able to perform every technique at top speed, while maintaining control and composure. Train with proprietary plyo platform to develop dynamic core strength and lower extremity power for quick, explosive multi directional movements.

 Power: Change of speed and change of direction are two of the most important lacrosse skills. By definition, an athlete’s ability to generate power determines how fast his movement occurs. Train on our plyo press where you can safely do double leg and single leg explosive jumps while reducing the load on the lower back up to 80% compared to the squat. 

You’ll develop explosive concentric leg power (watts) for acceleration and strong eccentric leg power (watts) to decelerate faster than your competition and therefore create separation from your opponent. High school and college athletes achieve average concentric power improvements of up to 46% and eccentric power improvement of up to 64%. In other words you’ll have the ability to out accelerate or decelerate your opponent and thus create separation to make a winning play. We don’t just talk about making you more explosive, we actually measure your performance in RPD (watts/sec). RPD = Rate of Power Development. High School and college players actually see improvement that ranges from +62% to over 100% in RPD (ie explosive movement).

Score on the Competition

Train with our patented Power Cords to improve your shooting velocity, distance and accuracy. Results: Shot velocity improvement between 4mph and 12mph. (See graphs below)

Lauren Hall (as reported in Sports Illustrated, 2008), trained several years with Acceleration Indiana first for soccer, then moved on to lacrosse. She was the first woman born in Indiana to sign a Division 1 Lacrosse scholarship. As a Cathedral High School midfielder she was a two-time all-state and all-American. She led the Irish in goals as both a junior and senior with 57 goals and 16 assists her senior year. She trained with our patented power cords to improve her ball release velocity, more control of her shot, and less variability in velocity resulting in more goals.

In 2017 Acceleration Indiana and Athletic Republic have teamed up with USA Lacrosse and are now proud partners offering the best training to help you to become the fastest, strongest, and top scorer on your lacrosse team!

Results – Lacrosse Shooting

Program Options:

 All program training begins with 15 minutes of active dynamic warmup before your 1 hour session.

  • Youth player – 12 to 18 sessions
  • Jr High player – 18 to 24 sessions
  • HS and college – 24 or more sessions
  • Lacrosse shooting with our patented power cords

12 Sessions (1/2 Hour)

  • In season programs – 1/week
  • Goalie programs – Improve your movement and reaction skills in front of the net.

Test – Teach – Train

  • Pre-test – Your program begins with a pre-test to baseline your athletic ability (50 to 90 measurements) depending on age, sport, and position. 
  • Individualized program: Your program design is tailored to your needs based on pre-test data, your input, and your coach’s input. Select from the options listed above
  • Training is one on one. Start your program any week. Schedule 2 or 3 sessions/week. Flexible days and times each week.
  • Results: Post-test to quantify your improvements

 Performance Results for High School Athletes

  • Max Sprint Speed: 18 to 23 mph (male) 16 to 21 mph (female) 
  • Acceleration: 10 yd dash .05 to .30 sec improvement

 40 yd dash, average .20 sec improvement (range varied from .05 to .90 sec improvement

  • Agility + Quickness: +20% to 40%
  • Lower Extremity Power: +20% to +60% (3PQ results)
  • Lacrosse shooting velocity improvements of 4 mph to 12 mph. Your pre-test and post-test measures your slowest velocity, your average, and your fastest velocity with 10 or more repetitions.

For example, data from a 14 yr old male shows slowest velocity increasing from 31 mph to 48 mph = +17 mph. Average velocity increases 8.8 mph, and highest speed increase from 51 mph to 54 mph = 3 mph. Variability was 14 mph at pre-test and improved to only 3 mph variability at post-test. Reduced variability means more consistency in your shot velocity, better control, and more accuracy. 


It’s all about PREPARATION!    and EFFORT!

Sign up for our introduction session so you can experience our training. You’ll feel the difference!

Choose: 1 hour session for speed, quickness, agility, and acceleration to separate you from your opponent. Also, balance, body control, lower extremity power, and hip girdle strength for improved movement control.

1 ½ hour session is same as above but adds a ½ hour of lacrosse shooting with our patented power cords to increase shot velocity, improve consistency and placement control to score more goals.