Get ready to hit the slopes with the Acceleration Indiana Ski Program. It is a fantastic training program designed to improve your conditioning so that fatigue is nearly eliminated. The program will help you decrease the amount of leg soreness the next day, which will enhance your fun, safety, and performance on day two! The training is tailored to your age, ability and schedule.

WTHR 13 Dave Patania visits Acceleration Indiana – SKI Program!!

The WTHR Channel 13 visit with Dave Patania was another great experience for Acceleration Indiana! We were able to visually explain our many programs, especially our downhill skiing program!  Our goal is to prepare you for the conditioning and intensity in downhill and cross country skiing. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip or an extended vacation, we want you to enjoy every minute and not fatigue on the slopes, especially on that 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day. Not only will you have the endurance for the trip, you’ll also have the confidence and ability to conquer more challenging slopes. We will set up a program specific for you, your current abilities, and your goals. The training will consist of many drills and exercises including plyometrics, plyo-press jumps, back pedaling, and hip strength.

A special thanks to our athletes who arose for the early morning taping and enjoyed a fun AM workout!