Athletic Republic has been practicing our evidence based sports training since 1990. We’re a brand built out of a firm belief that there is a better way to train athletes, a better way to reach peak athletic performance, and a better way to achieve athletic goals. Our approach to athlete development is reinforced by the performance of our 1 million athletes trained and our 120 training centers worldwide. Including 7 Heisman trophy finalists, 524 NHL Hockey players and $315M awarded to Athletic Republic athletes in college scholarships over the past 5 years. 

The Soccer Acceleration program has been developed from the combined expertise of Exercise Physiologists, Biochemists, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Orthopedic Surgeons, Soccer Coaches and Players. It is administered on a one on one basis and tailored to the age and capability of the athlete.

ACL We also screen female athletes for the risk of non-contact ACL injuries and if at high risk we offer additional specific training to reduce that risk. To date, no athlete at high risk that has gone through our ACL risk reduction program has had a failure. Our data shows up to 70% reduction in valgus deflection at the knee which is a leading cause of ACL failure. 

Acceleration Indiana is a proud member of Athletic Republic. Since our founding in 1993 we have trained thousands of athletes. We have helped many soccer players achieve increased performance resulting in:

  • Numerous Soccer players achieving 1st Team all-state.
  • Many playing on Indiana High School Championship teams.
  • Miss Soccer Indiana – 3 years.
  • National girls Soccer player – 2 years.
  • High School Soccer All American – 3 years.
  • Many players recruited to play at the collegiate level.

Results for High School Athletes

  • Max Sprint Speed: 18 to 23 (male), 16 to 21 mph (female)
  • Acceleration: 10 yd dash 0.05 to 0.30 sec improvement
  • 40 yd dash avg 0.2 sec improvement (range 0.05 to 0.90 sec)
  • Agility and Quickness: +20% to +40%
  • Lower Extremity Power +20% to +60% (3PQ Results)
  • Kicking Velocity improvement using our patented kicking cords: +4 mph to +10 mph

Key Training Elements

Warm Up: Each training session begins with the athlete arriving 15 minutes before the scheduled time so they can do our active dynamic warm up process. Warming up the lower extremity muscles and tendons accomplishes two important considerations:

  1. Injury Prevention: Proper warm up ensures the muscle tendon unit will have 20% to 30% greater elasticity so that if you exceed your normal range of motion in a sudden movement the muscle tendon unit can absorb the energy without injury to the athlete.
  2. Performance: Proper warm up results in the muscles developing 20% to 30% or more power so you have greater acceleration, speed, and agility.

The first 10-15 minutes of each super treadmill workout focuses on teaching proper biomechanics of sprinting and running so that you can maximize the power delivered to the ground.

To get up to speed you first have to accelerate your body, which requires improving the power you can generate to the ground at push off. To increase that power requires incline treadmill sprinting at elevations and speeds that generate the intensity to cause your motor units to fire more fast-twitch muscle fibers, resulting in more propulsive force to the ground. Why? Because fast twitch muscle fibers contract 2 to 4 times faster than slow twitch muscle fibers resulting in a more forceful muscle contraction and hence more power to the ground. Newton’s second law of motion is expressed as F=ma (Force= mass x acceleration) or a=F/m (acceleration=Force/mass of the athlete).  Hence, to generate more acceleration you have to deliver more force to the ground. Your trainer is by your side on every treadmill sprint providing you input on proper sprinting and/or running mechanics and spotting you to ensure safety.

If you can out accelerate your opponent you can create separation giving more options to create a key play to advance the ball. We also focus on improving your maximum sprint speed. For example, a high-school female soccer player may increase her maximum speed from 15 mph to 18 mph. If you opponents speed is 15 mph and you can sprint at 18 mph you will increase separation by 4.4 feet/sec, which means in 3 sec you are 13.2 feet ahead of your opponent (getting to the ball first or getting to the net for a shot). For more information on speed development click on the speed development tab on our home page.

The ability to make quick starts and stops and transition to a change in direction is another set of skills that allow you to create separation from your opponent. Our special training equipment and research based training protocols allow us to improve you balance, quickness, strength, power, body control, and agility. Our proprietary equipment includes:

Plyo Platform:  Specially designed to reduce shock load on the lower extremities when training multi directional plyometric movements and developing power, balance, stamina, and body control so you can start and stop quicker.

Plyo Press: Develops explosive leg power for acceleration and also trains eccentric leg power for deceleration.

Pro Hip Machine: Develops muscles of the hip girdle that are so important for multi direction movement, balance, and control of the body’s center of mass. Specific muscles targeted include.

  • Hip Flexors 
  • Hip Extensors
  • Hip Abductors 
  • Hip Adductors 

All of our training sessions take into account the importance of recovery. For example, when doing a high intensity sprint on the super treadmill the athlete is stressing the muscles, the nervous system, and the energy systems. All of which need recovery time to enable athletes to always train with good form. Inadequate recovery time between training bouts results in localized muscle fatigue and deterioration of good mechanics. We want the athlete to practice good form each and every training bout. 

The goal is to develop the athlete’s metabolic systems to result in stamina that allows speed, quickness, and power to be available throughout the game and particularly in the last period when you can outperform competition because of your greater stamina. (Getting to the ball, or a breakaway down the field, and put the ball in the net, or make a pass to your teammate who scores.)

Acceleration Indiana Soccer Performance + Condition Programs

Our performance and conditiong  programs offer a competitive advantage to soccer players from youth level to the professional level through the use of our science based training methods and proprietary equipment.

Each Athlete is pretested to define their athletic ability by measuring 40 to 90+ metrics depending on that sport, age, and position of the athlete. That data is used to design a training program for the age and ability of each athlete. Training is one on one to ensure attention to proper form, technique, and recovery time. At completion of your program each athlete is post tested and a report is prepared to show the performance achievements vs the pretest date. 

Programs vary from 12 to 24 sessions of 1 hour or 90 minutes. Younger athletes (6-8) have fewer sessions or ½ hour training bouts before moving to 1 hour training sessions.

We encourage new athletes to sign up for an introduction session to experience Acceleration training. You’ll feel the difference. Intro sessions are 1 hour and the price is $30.00.  Book Now

You may start your program any week. You may select from a wide variety of days and times for your training. We suggest athletes train 2 or 3 times per week. If greater frequency is desired you may consult with Acceleration management to determine what schedule best fits your needs. In season training programs of once per week or once every two weeks are very effective in continuing the athletes performance improvement and conditioning for end of season play. Ask our staff for information and guidance.

We also offer specific training for goalies with emphasis on multi direction quickness in front of the net, increased vertical jump height of 2” to 6”, and increased kicking and throwing distance to clear the area in front of the net and target your teammates to move the ball down the field.

We offer a kicking program using our patented power cords to recruit the fast twitch muscle fibers that generate increased kicking velocity of 4 to 10 mph, improved consistency of your shot velocity, with 40% to 60% reduction of the variability in your kicking velocity resulting in increased accuracy. We train both left and right legs to enhance your scoring potential. 

Kicking velocity is measured for 10 or more repetitions to define your variability. Data includes slowest, average, and highest kicking velocity. For example the 14 year old athlete in the following chart had a left leg variability of 34 mph to 44 mph = 10 mph. After cord training the variability was 44 mph to 47 mph = 3 mph or a major reduction in variability. The slowest velocity went from 34 mph to 44 mph an increase of + 10 mph. The average velocity went from 41.4 mph to 46 mph, an increase of 4.6 mph. The highest velocity went from 44 mph to 47 mph an increase of 3 mph.

Ask about scheduling our ACL screen for the risk of a non-contact ACL tear and our risk reduction program. ACL failures are 4 to 8 times more likely for female athletes than male athletes in soccer, basketball, volleyball and lacrosse. Failure rates begin at age 11/12 and increase to a peak at age 16 with some decline at age 17/18, but still significant at college age and beyond. Our ACL screen will identify if the athlete has a high probability of high stress on the ACL during leg plant for deceleration and change of direction. If so, the good news is we have a risk reduction program that results in significant reduction in the probability of high stress on the ACL. To date no athlete who was at high risk and completed our risk reduction has had any ACL failure. Contact us to schedule your ACL screen.

We also offer our ACL Bridge program for athletes returning from ACL operation and physical therapy. When you are cleared by your Dr. for return to play training, come in for consultation and learn about our program to get you back in your game. A typical program requires 25 sessions. Each session is personalized to the athlete’s ability providing a step by step progression with each stage becoming more challenging. We measure left and right legs for strength, power and rate of power development to have a complete picture of each legs capabilities.

Training elements include forward and backward inclined running/sprinting, plyometrics (for balance, body control, quickness, and power) and additional agility + multi directional movements. Strength + power exercises targeting hip girdle, legs, hamstrings, and abdominals while incorporating multi hip and plyo press proprietary equipment.  


Soccer kicking velocity and variability reduction measured in graphs below.

Proprietary Equipment

Pro Multi Hip

Improves key abdominal and hip muscle strength and power through dynamic power movements (Hip Flexion and Extension) and lateral movement patterns (Hip Abduction and Adduction).

Super Treadmill

Forward + Backward sprints to improve lower extremity muscle power for quickness, acceleration, and speed needed on the soccer field. You’ll also develop the anaerobic stamina to maintain power, speed, and quickness for the entire game so you can beat your opponent to the ball or net. Research has shown our proprietary super treadmills allow us to achieve 200% to 300% more recruitment of the muscles responsible for acceleration and speed compared to level ground workouts. This awesome training tool has speed capabilities of 28 mph and elevation capability of 40% grade. This gives us a tool to tailor the workout to youth athletes or elite/professional athletes. Our degreed/certified trainers are beside you on each sprinting bout to provide instruction on proper running mechanics and spotting the runner for safety.

Plyo Platform

Includes a suspended surface to reduce shock load on the lower extremities by 20-40%, while developing better balance, body control, quickness, and agility. Sprint cord technology can be incorporated to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers in the hip flexors, extensors, abductors, and adductors for increased explosive power to get to the ball quicker and make winning plays. Repositioning the sprint cords and altering the patterns of movement allow over 50 different load combinations to the lower extremities, making it possible to create movement patterns for specific results.

Soccer Kicking with our Patented Power Cords

Plyo Press

Its unique design provides a safe and more efficient way to train the lower body for strength and power to make quick movements on the field and increase vertical jump height up to 2” to 6” for goalies and headers. Lower back loads are reduced 80% (for safety) in comparison to doing squats. Eccentric power of the leg muscles are increased up to 64%, (H.S and college) which allows the muscles to control your deceleration when doing a leg plant and direction change, resulting in lower forces on the knee. This in turn reduces the risk of ACL tears and other lower extremity injuries.

Get the Acceleration Indiana Advantage

Our Performance Development Training has the added benefit of lowering your risk of injury when training for and playing your sport of soccer.

Call for how to schedule your introduction and learn how you can become a better soccer player. You’ll feel the difference.

  • 1 Hour Intro $30

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