In the game of soccer, there is no substitute for good technique – except one; speed. A soccer player may have learned excellent touch in order to outsmart their opponent, but without the speed to move the ball down the field quickly and get in position, the player’s learned techniques might not be enough to make the play.

Train with our patented kick cords that are exclusive to Acceleration Indiana and developed by Athletic Republic from extensive research in exercise physiology, kinesiology, and the physics of athletic movement.  You’ll develop awesome kicking power and consistency to create more scoring opportunities.  Our trainers are professionals with degrees in exercise science (etc.), and have had specific training in the field of high velocity muscle contraction as occurs with kicking, throwing, and sprinting, and have collegiate level experience in soccer and/or other sports.  This combination of professional trainers, research based training protocols, and unique technology produces impressive results.

Proven Results:

Average Kick Speed Increases 6-22%

Scale in MPH:

Male Athlete – 14 years old