Tennis is a sport that is won with the mind and executed with the body. The physical demands of Tennis are very different than many other sports and that is why our Sports Specific Tennis program was developed for the athletic demands required for tennis athletes specifically. Body control and balance are the primary skills that need to be trained in order to optimize power and accuracy through each stroke. Acceleration Indiana’s tennis specific training program teaches each athlete to be in control and balanced by focusing on strengthening the core, lower extremity, foot coordination and raquet head speed. To find out more information please contact a trainer at your desired training facility.

10 Reasons why you should train with our unique program

By: President Gary Nelson

1) Movement Improve your ability on court to get quickly in position for best return opportunity.

a. Increased foot speed and quickness

b. Increased ability to acceleration and decelerate

c. Improved balance for better shot return

d. Improved total body coordination, so your arms, legs, and body are all
working together in appropriate synchronization.

2) Stamina Improved anaerobic conditioning so your body can maintain its quickness, acceleration, and balance right up to match point.

3) Concentration and Decision Speed Improved stamina and lack of fatigue allows the mind to concentrate on the game play and make the quick decisions that give you the advantage over your opponent.

4) Skills Your coaches will be impressed with how your improved athleticism and confidence will allow you to execute the skills they have been teaching you, with improved consistency and winning results.

5) Power Increase your serving velocity, consistency, and accuracy as well as your forehand and backhand stroke velocity, consistency, and accuracy.

6) Tailored to your Age and Ability We pretest each athlete to baseline their athletic ability and then design the program for that individual. When you complete your program we’ll post test you and provide a report to document your improvements.

7) One on One Our training is one on one so that each athlete receives the attention necessary for their specific needs.

8 ) Fexible Hours You have tremendous flexibility to schedule your training around your schedule and you can vary you’re appointment days and times each week if you need to.

9) Scientifically Designed, Tested, and Proven We use the Athletic Republic Training System developed by noted Exercise Physiologist, John Frappier and a staff of Sports Medicine professionals and Sports Scientists. Over 20 years of research backs up our training protocols, unique equipment and our staff professionals.

10) Acceleration Indiana We have trained thousands of Indiana athletes from youth to professional with consistent and excellent results since 1994. Our staff are degreed (B.S. and M.S.) in fields such as Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology; played at the collegiate level or above; and are certified Acceleration Trainers in the areas of exercise science, bio-mechanics, plyometrics, warm-ups, strength, flexibility, nutrition, and the unique protocols and equipment of the Acceleration program.