Hundreds of Indiana track athletes, youth to collegiate, have trained with us since 1993 and achieved excellent and consistent results in their events. We compliment what you learn from your school/club coaches and have partnered with several schools to assist in the development of their track + field athletes. We offer both individual programs for your event as well as team training.

Results: Athletes/Teams Training with Acceleration Indiana

We have helped numerous track athletes improve their performance. Some examples:

  • 1st State Track Team (male)
  • 4 x 800 Nike Indoor Championship (male)
  • 1st State: Pole Vault (Female) Received scholarship to Stanford U
  • Female Firsts: 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 4 x 100 m
  • NCAA 100 m National Champion (Female) max sprint speed 22 mph
  • Male: 1st + 2nd 110 m Hurdles, 800 m, 4 x 800 m
  • Male speed records: Max sprint speed 25 mph (college), 25.5 mph NFL, Best 100m sprint time 9.91 sec US Track + Field Championship, Eugene, Oregon


  • Test: Each athlete is pre-tested (measuring 50 to 90 metrics based on sport, age, and event) to define their athletic ability and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Teach: Proper biomechanics for starts, sprinting, running, and other events are taught and emphasized.
  • Train: Programs are recommended based on pre-test data, age abilities, goals, and events

Post Test: Athletes are post-tested to measure the changes in pre-test metrics to quantify improvements

Program Options:

  • Sessions are 1 hour to 1.5 hours plus 15 min active dynamic warm-up.
  • Youth 12 – 18 Sessions (2/week)
  • Jr High 18 – 24 Sessions (2 or 3/week)
  • HS/College 24 or more sessions (2 or 3/week)

Sprinter: Four Phases of sprinting (100m event)

Note: Length of phase will vary by age and ability

Start (Phase 1)
0 – 15m
Training Tools:
Plyo Press + 3PQ
Acceleration (Phase 2)
15m to 50m
Training Tool:
Maximum Sprint Speed    -(Phase 3)
50m to 80m
Speed Endurance (Phase 4)
(80 to 100m)
Teach proper start mechanics, explosive movement off line. Measure left and right leg power and rate of power development (3PQ data). Modify training protocol to correct any left to right leg variances. Train on our Super Treadmill to develop more force to the ground (f/m = a). This proprietary tool is used to develop acceleration and speed. Research has shown 200 to 300% more recruitment of the muscles responsible for acceleration and speed compared to level ground workouts. RTM capability: 28 mph and 40% incline. Super Treadmill training.
Speed = Stride Length x Stride Frequency
Super Treadmill training to develop anaerobic stamina.

 Other Proprietary Tools:

Plyometrics – Develop quickness, agility, balance, dynamic core strength, and lower extremity power.

Pro Hip – Develop hip extension power to get more force to the ground to improve stride length, and develop hip flexor power to accelerate your thigh forward to improve stride frequency.

 Plyo Press – Develop explosive movement capability for sprint starts, hurdles, high jump, and long jump. You will do a combination of leg presses and explosive jumps, both double leg and single leg. We’ll measure how much force (lbs), power (watts), and rate of power development (RPD) in watts/sec you can achieve. People talk about explosiveness of athletes. We actually measure it as RPD (watts/sec) and quantify your ability, left leg to right leg. If significantly different, we adjust your training program to develop more equal ability of left + right legs which improves your acceleration and speed.

 Reference: Check out our Speed Development Tab or the Sport Specific tab for Football which shows an athlete doing our return to play program where his left leg (the one injured) had a deficiency of 15% in power but has a 44% deficiency in RPD, which was limiting his acceleration and speed. After doing our 24 session program, he improved his left leg to be nearly equal to his right leg RPD and improved his acceleration and speed. Note: This variability in leg power + RPD is prevalent in many athletes, based upon what they have been doing. For example, water skiing on one ski will increase the strength/power/RPD of the loaded leg. Or a basketball player who goes off one leg will show a difference. Conversely a high jumper may want to develop more power/RPD in the leg he goes off.

Mid Distance and Distance:

We offer specific training protocols for these events. Focus is on:

  • Running mechanics/Running efficiency (torso position, tibia angle at foot strike, heel position for leg return, arm swing mechanics, reducing vertical travel)
  • Lower extremity power
  • Improved stride length and stride frequency

Throwing Events

Shot and Discuss events: We focus on developing the muscles to increase the power and rate of power development to achieve improved mechanics to increase release velocity of the throwing object. We also use our patented power cords to develop upper body and arm power to increase release velocity and hence distance.

Success in Sports

It’s all about PREPARATION!   and EFFORT!

Introduction Sessions: To schedule an intro session for your event, click on Book Now. Introductions are usually 1 hour or 1 ½ hours depending on the event.

Price 1 Hr $30.00

1 ½ Hr $45.00

Our Introduction allows you to experience our training methods, use of proprietary equipment, and meet our trainers and staff. Most importantly, you’ll feel the difference in our training.