Success in sports is all about preparation!


Our programs begin with a pre test to measure each athlete’s performance abilities in acceleration, speed, agility, quickness, strength, power, explosive movement, balance, and body control in multidirectional movements. We measure and record pertinent data for 40 to 80 metrics depending on the athlete’s age, sport, and position. This identifies the athlete’s performance strengths and the areas that need improvement. 

Program options are:
24 sessions: Best results and best price per sessions
18 sessions: Excellent results plus attractive price per sessions
12 sessions: For younger athletes or those with limited training time

An individualized program training file is then assembled with training protocol sheets for each training session and is individualized for each athlete with appropriate training intensity, progression, and recovery time. Training is one on one.

All sessions begin with 15 min of active dynamic warm up exercises before your scheduled training time (if you’re scheduled at 5pm you need to arrive at 4:45pm for warmups).

At the completion of your program you will be post tested to measure and record improvements related to your pre-test metrics and a final evaluation report will be sent to you by email. Additionally we will recommend what additional training and preparation would be helpful to continue developing your sport performance.


We test to define each athlete’s strengths and areas that need improved. Measurements and data are key to defining each athlete’s performance abilities and therefore identifying the most effective training program to achieve performance improvements.


Our trainers instruct each athlete on proper technique / mechanics of athlete movement and explain why they are doing the exercises they are experiencing, in addition the trainers provide encouragement and goal setting to motivate the athlete to keep improving.


Each athlete is on their own individual training program based on their age, abilities, goals and the pre-test data. Training is one on one to ensure the athlete develops good mechanics and are encouraged to develop an attitude of success! Which is ultimately only achieved through dedication and hard work. 

The price for an introduction is $30