Every play in the game of volleyball is critical, whether it is serving, passing, setting, hitting, or blocking.  To make those plays requires excellent on court mobility; quickness, agility, acceleration, explosive approach/vertical, body control, balance for a controlled landing and quick transition, and stamina for the long rallies and matches.  At Acceleration Indiana, we have helped hundreds of volleyball players achieve success through our Volleyball Power Programs.  Science defines power as force time’s velocity.  Our programs train your muscular, nervous, and energy systems to deliver more force at the velocity of your volleyball movements for more winning plays.

The Science to achieving our outstanding results is referred to as Neuromuscular Training (NMI) and was pioneered by John Frappier the founder of Acceleration/Athletic Republic. John developed proprietary/patented equipment to be able to do NMI training.  These include the Super Treadmill, Plyo Press, Power Cords, and many more. The Training Protocols are science based for maximum effectiveness and administered by degreed, professional trainers to ensure the training is tailored to the individual needs and abilities of the athlete via one on one training.

The Results Our methods allow up to 200% to 300% more recruitment of the motor units and muscles responsible for explosive movement to generate game winning approach speed and vertical height.

 Mobility Improvements

  • Vertical increases up to 8” (Typically 2”-5” increase)
  • Increased arm swing velocity for hitting up to 20%
  • Reduce approach transition time up to 25%
  • 10 yard acceleration time reduced by up to .45 second (Typically .12sec-.30sec)
  • Pro Agility quickness time reduced by up to .40 second (Typically .15sec-.30sec)
  • Multi directional agility/foot speed improvement up to 46% (Typically 25%-35%)      
  • Stamina improvement for long rallies and matches up to 60%

Volleyball Power Programs

Each athlete is pre tested to determine their movement abilities and areas that need improvement. They then follow their own individual program based on test results and needs. One on one training bouts are intense, but tailored to the age and ability of the athlete, with adequate recovery time to ensure the athlete maintains good form and control.

Performance Improvement programs are available for all positions. Improve: quickness, explosiveness, agility, coordination, balance, strength, power and stamina. Programs vary from 12 to 24 sessions of 60 or 90 minutes in duration to match your needs based on age, position, and ability.

Take your game to the next level! Increase your vertical (2 to 8 inches) and your hitting power with our unique Performance Development Program for hitters

  • Train with or unique Plyo Press to develop explosive lower extremity power for increased approach velocity and higher vertical.
  • Learn proper landing technique to reduce ground reaction force (GRF) from 4-6 G’s to 2-3 G’s and therefore reduce the risk of stress fractures, joint problems, and non-contact ACL tears.
  • One on One Training with our Solo Spike to learn proper technique and improve hitting power/velocity with our patented VB PowerCords. This training also strengthens the shoulder/rotator cuff muscles to reduce the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries to the important rotator cuff area.

Combine elements of Mobility and Hitting Power for the ultimate in overall performance improvement. 12 90 minutes sessions for youth/jr high and 16 90 minute sessions for HS/College.

In season training with Acceleration once/week results in continued performance improvements not just maintaining you performance. Requires one training session/week or two or three sessions/month.

  • Highly Recommended!
  • We see significant gains in all sports using this approach
  • 10 (1 hour sessions)
  • 10 (1.5 hour sessions)

Packages can be adjusted up or down in number of sessions based on your schedule.

You will improve! And your coach will love working with your improved athletic ability to further develop your on court play!

Injury Prevention Training

Our goal is to develop not only outstanding player performance but to train, teach, and condition the athlete in ways and methods that minimize the risk of injury.

All volleyball players arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment to do 15 minutes of active dynamic warm up to improve muscle tendon elasticity to allow the body to better tolerate sudden and/or out of balance movements without resulting in muscle pulls and strains.

Our proprietary plyo press for developing explosive jump power is designed to reduce lower back loading up to 80% compared to the traditional squat exercise.

Hitters training with our plyo press jumps will develop increased eccentric power in the lower extremity to be able to absorb and reduce impact loads due to jump landing from 6-8 g’s to a more safe range of 2-4 g’s. Therefore, reducing the risk of stress fractures in the back, tibia, or bones in the feet. Very importantly, this also reduces the valgus moment loading at the knee to reduce the risk of a non-contact ACL tear.

Ask about scheduling our ACL screen for the risk of a non-contact ACL tear and our risk reduction program. ACL failures are 4 to 8 times more likely for female athletes than male athletes in volleyball, basketball, soccer and lacrosse. Failure rates begin at age 11/12 and increase to a peak at age 16 with some decline at age 17/18, but still significant at college age and beyond. Our ACL screen will identify if the athlete has a high probability of high stress at the ACL doing volleyball jump landing. If so, the good news is we have a risk reduction program that results in significant reduction in the probability of high stress on the ACL. To date no athlete who was at high risk and completed our risk reduction has had any ACL failure. Contact us to schedule you ACL screen.

Hitters are at risk of injury to the rotator cuff area due to the high velocity arm swings and number of repetitions required by this position. Training with our patented Power Cords not only improves arm swing velocity, but also, strengthens the rotator cuff, arm, and back muscles that have to decelerate the arm, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Proprietary Equipment

Pro Multi Hip

Improves key abdominal and hip muscle strength and power through dynamic power movements (Hip Flexion and Extension) and lateral movement patterns (Hip Abduction and Adduction).

Super Treadmill

Forward + Backward sprints to improve lower extremity muscle power for quickness needed on the volleyball court, and to develop the anaerobic stamina to maintain power, speed, quickness and vertical power for those long rally’s and long games.

Plyo Platform

Includes a suspended surface to reduce shock load on the lower extremities by 20-40%, while developing better balance, body control, quickness, and agility. Sprint cord technology can be incorporated to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers in the hip flexors, extensors, abductors, and adductors for increased explosive power to get to the ball quicker and make winning plays. Repositioning the sprint cords and altering the patterns of movement allow over 50 different load combinations to the lower extremities, making it possible to create movement patterns for specific results.

Receiving/Passing Drill

Plyo Press

Its unique design provides a safe and more efficient way to train the lower body for strength and power to make quick movements on the court and increase vertical jump height up to 8”. Lower back loads are reduced 80% in comparison to doing squats. Eccentric power of the leg muscles are increased up to 64%, which allows the muscles to control your deceleration from a vertical jump thus reducing the shock load on the back, lower extremities and knees. This in turn reduces the risk of ACL tear and stress fractures of the tibia and/or foot bones.

Get the Acceleration Indiana Advantage

Our Performance Development Training has the added benefit of lowering your risk of injury when training for and playing your sport of VB.

Call for how to schedule your introduction and learn how you can become a better VB player. You’ll feel the difference.

  • 1 Hour Intro $30
  • Add ½ hour for Hitting Training with cords and solo spike.

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