Do you have the need for:
Speed – It’s one of our Specialties, click here for more information
Quickness, Agility, Body Control (+20% to +40%)
✓  Vertical for Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer goalie, etc. (+ 4-6″)​
✓  Stamina to outlast the competition in the last period
✓ Hockey players anaerobic stamina typically +30% to 100%​
✓ Throwing, Hitting, Kicking, Shooting Velocity (+4 to +12 mph)

We offer individualized, one on one training for up to 30 different sports. Schedule a session with us to experience acceleration training for your sport. You’ll feel the difference!


We always thought our daughter was fast, but Acceleration (Indiana) helped her realize how fast she could be! She has thrived here – enjoying training with clear goals, recognixzable progress, defined and positive outcomes, and lots of positive reinforcement. The3 staff has been wonderful, and the program has been great for her, both personally, and as an athlete.



Patricia H


Although I have only been going to Acceleration Indiana for a few months, they have really helped me bring out some athleticism I didn’t know I had. Speed has always been one of my strengths in softball, but they have really helped me increase my speed and make me stronger. Just the Fall softball season of 2020, I have stolen more than 35 bases, and wouldn’t have been able to do that without Acceleration Indiana. Not only have they helped me with my running speed, but from doing throwing Cords I have seen a huge increase in my throwing ability. I have noticed that I have been able to throw a softball harder and farther than before I started training with Acceleration Indiana. I enjoy working with all the trainers and they push me to my limits. I highly recommend Acceleration Indiana because they bring out the best in you. Thank you.

High School Soft Ball Athlete